Saturday, 31 October 2015

A Boob Revolution

The first company to bring the fight against breast and testicular cancer into bathrooms everywhere

There can’t be a mission statement more important than that of the fabulous Sniffy Wiffy.

A small, family run business, Sniffy Wiffy produces homemade body lotions, hand creams and massage oils with a very significant purpose…

‘Not afraid of being different and not embarrassed to talk about breasts (because really, there's no need to be) we had a bit of a 'light-bulb' moment when we heard breast checks are best performed when skin is slightly slippery or wet, such as while applying body lotion’.

With this knowledge and a desire to educate, as well as to create, Sniffy Wiffy was born. A revolution on the bathroom shelf, every pot of Sniffy Wiffy body lotion is wrapped with a self-check label. On this label are vital step-by-step instructions on how to perform self-examination.

The question at the top of Sniffy Wiffy’s list is ‘do we all know exactly HOW to check our breasts for possible early (vital) signs of breast cancer?’ Well, the five simple steps on their product labels provide the vital knowledge every woman needs.

Oh and its not just boobs, its balls too!

“Working to the notion that #OnlyFoolsDontCheckTheirBalls, we felt it was time to launch a range of male products to help men "sniff" out any early signs of testicular cancer that may have reared their ugly heads”.

Male shower scrubs and body lotions all have that ultra important label which lists the steps involved in performing a testicular self examination. With an abundance of divine masculine scents, including Guinness (cheers to that!), this product takes the embarrassment out of self-examination and encourages men to say balls to cancer.

Sniffy donate to two fantastic charities with every single sale produced: Cancer Research UK and Ballboys.

Oh and blimey do these products smell divine. The tantalizing list of scents includes everything from Honeyed Fig to Dark Chocolate. With only five ingredients, Sniffy Wiffy body lotions (£6.50) are olive oil based and wondrous for your skin. Banish dry winter skin with the Sniffy Wiffy classic body scrub (£6.50), containing salt to exfoliate and olive oil to nourish. Plus, the scrub will ‘leave your skin coated in a fine layer of oil - perfect conditions to check your breasts’.

The beautiful packaging and inspiring ethos of this brand makes Sniffy Wiffy products ideal gifts. The set of 3 mini hand creams (£6.00) is a perfect stocking filler, while there’s also the option to mix and match products to create the perfect pressie.

Sniffy Wiffy encourages self-examination to become a part of your routine. Every time you moisture: check! Simple. Ultimately, their goal is ‘to increase the number of ladies and gents who know about - and self-check for - the signs & symptoms of breast and testicular cancer’.

What Sarah did… is honoured to be a stockist of Sniffy Wiffy products. Pop in store to have a good ol’ sniff and choose your ideal scent. Any purchase you make supports two inspiring charities and fundamentally increases knowledge…because knowing the signs & symptoms should be as familiar as your ABC’.

Rachel x

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Take one jumper...

At WSd we love a staple and this Addie jumper is a staple to beat all others. Not too chunky, a layer to make all outfits cosy, yet not adding bulk. So I decided to style said jumper for one week... Yep I did. Here's how...

Wearing this soft and cosy price point knit from Vero Moda has been a dream! So very versatile and so very comfortable, this knit is a staple worth fighting for! It’s muted colours make it a jumper for all the days with a 'Y' in them. 

At just £20 and available in 3 colours, I can safely say that any of you gorgeous lot can find a way to wear this beaut. 
Wear it under: 
I wore mine under a Pleather dungaree dress this week for ultimate fash pack cosiness. 

Wear it over: 
Over my fab gothic inspired Susan dress from Vero Moda (£45), it added a relaxed way to wear a maxi dress and created the illusion of sleeve and waist definition. 

Wear it with: 
Denim is always a winner with a cosy knit. Simple yet effective in not only style but texture heaven. This is a staple throw on. Rock it over our skinny denim 7s by VeroModa (£35) to give a simple, rock chick look.

Wear it tucked in: 
Keep your silhouette sleek by tucking this beauty into your favourite full or pencil skirt for a truly 2015 autumnal feel.

Wear it slung:
If it's mild, but you know you'll be out after sunset, tie this dude over one shoulder for an up to date accessory. 

Wear it to rock layers: 
Add this knit to an already on trend and adaptable outfit... Over a very *now* long line shirt to add waist definition, warmth, texture and create an easy, wearable outfit.

Rock it over your lingerie dress for a grown up Netflix night...

All in all. I think this fab Addie Tango zipper knit is a real lifesaver and at only £20, it pays for itself in just one week!!

Get it before it sells out fast! 

How will you wear yours?

Sarah x