Saturday, 2 April 2016

A Happy Post

Every time we switch on the TV, open a newspaper or turn on the radio, we are greeted with yet more devastating news. By no means should any of this be ignored, but sometimes a little relief is required…

Here at WSd we stock The Happy Newspaper (£3.50) by the inspirational and positively upbeat Emily Coxhead. The Graphic Design graduate has designed and illustrated the colourful 32-page newspaper that celebrates life and hopes to ‘restore just a few people’s faith in humanity’. The newspaper is broken down into monthly roundups, each one packed with all the good stuff, retold by Emily through wonderful words and charming drawings. The paper also has a unique ‘Everyday Heroes’ feature, which hails the people you think deserve recognition for bringing some goodness to the world on a day-to-day basis. Just go to Emily’s website to nominate your hero.

The Happy Newspaper certainly achieves Emily’s main aim ‘to add a little bit of sunshine to a person's day... If it makes a person smile in some way, shape or form then my job there is done’. The Happy Newspaper has flown out of WSd so we can certify that there are definitely lots of people out there who are smiling. The broadsheet of positivity will be published quarterly throughout 2016. Issue two is currently in stock at WSd and covers December, January and February. Along with the latest delivery of The Happy Newspaper, the truly amazing Emily sent extra copies under the proviso that we would donate them to a special local cause in the hope the paper would brighten the day of someone going through a tough time. We can confirm that these copies made their way to the Macmillan unit at the L&D hospital. 

The much-loved Happy Jars are back in stock at WSd and bringing moments of joy to many. The little jars contain tiny handwritten notes of happiness, all of which serve as perfect daily reminders that everything will be ok. If someone you know is feeling down or you need uplifting, a Happy Jar is guaranteed to bring a smile (£6).

A pack of Happy Vinyl Stickers contains four fun designs that are sure to brighten your day. Who doesn’t need a sticker of a unicorn pug in their life?!

Handmade happy badges are wonderful morsels of positive vibes.

There’s no end to Emily’s fabulous talents and we just adore her hand illustrated greetings cards for every occasion (£3).

Join Emily’s campaign for happiness and spread a little joy.

Rachel x

Photo Credit: Emily Coxhead 

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