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Style and comfort aren’t often two words that go together in the fashion world, but here at WSd HQ we’re suckers for the duo and oh my are we thrilled to have found another brand where neither necessity is compromised.

Kicks don’t get much cooler than those from Veja and its not just the brand’s fashion credentials that have got us hooked. Today there is a lot of talking done about environmental issues, wealth inequality and social injustice but Veja is taking action. Unfortunately the fashion industry doesn’t have a particularly good reputation when it comes to ethics, yet the Veja Project is creating a positive chain through the unique creation of sneakers...

So how does it work?

Veja works with the ADEC who are an association of growers in North-East Brazil.

Working directly with ADEC has allowed Veja to establish a seamless, human-based business model that avoids middlemen and makes sure that reasonable profits go directly to the producers themselves”.

The local producers under this umbrella organisation cultivate cotton without fertilisers or pesticides and they all receive decent revenue for their goods.

At the end of the harvest a Fairtrade premium is paid to the association. This is used to improve the standard of living for producers, their families and their communities. According to Veja, ‘between 2007 and 2009 the premium was used to pay for the official certification of the organic cotton and Fairtrade process”.

This organic and fairy traded cotton is used for the canvas of the shoes.

The positive vibes don’t stop there…the soles of Veja trainers are made with rubber from the Amazon-the only place in the world where rubber trees grow in the wild. Veja works with an association of Brazilian rubber tappers who harvest from the trees in a sustainable way and they are guaranteed a fair price for their work.  

The trademark ‘V’ logo on the Holiday Low Top (£99) is made of this ultra cool wild rubber, while Tilapia leather in a rich burnt orange adds a chic spin on the animal print trend. With recycled cotton and plastic bottles also forming the make up of this blush hued trainer, you’ll be wearing the epitome of feel-good fashion. This style champions the colour blocking trend and look incredible with pretty much any look. While the sun is shining pair with your fave ripped denim shorts.
Image credit: Veja 

So onto the tough stuff…the leather comes from Uruquay where Veja hass knowledge and control of the welfare and living conditions of the cattle. Going one-step further than encouraging you to eat your greens…how about wearing them too? Veja uses vegetable tanned leather rather than nasty chemicals or heavy metals. Take these Esplar Leather kicks in copper (£82), which have totally captured our metallic obsessed hearts and will look perfect with your fave culottes.

Image credit: Veja 

The Esplar (£82) is also available in crisp white leather so you can achieve cool urban vibes while protecting the rural. These beauties tap into the new retro trainer trend and look fab with tailored trousers for a rule-defying dichotomy.

Image credit: Veja

Going green has never been so cool...

Rachel x

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