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“One bag at a time, each truly exceptional”. That’s the motto of CRU- the latest brand to become part of the WSd evolution. Offering distinctive, handmade, leather accessories collections unfazed by seasonal trends’, CRU London showcases artisanal craft at its finest.

In 2014 when London couple Tiago Felix and Petru van der Walt were holidaying in beautiful Portugal they stumbled across an artisan leather shop in the leather district of Santarem, just north of Lisbon. Little did they know that commissioning a bespoke leather handbag as a holiday memento would be the catalyst to the creation of CRU. Inspired by the authenticity, classical design and unique irregularities of the bag and the experience its formation created, the pair returned to London, bringing with them the ethos of the Portuguese artisans.

The leather legacy of the Iberian peninsular is evident in the supreme quality of these beauties. Mixing traditional craftsmanship with modern design, a CRU piece is a worthy investment that you’ll be reaching for season after season…

So let’s get started with the Charlotte mini bucket bag (£95) because quite frankly I can’t wait to talk about this beauty, as it’s quite possibly perfection tied up with the most elegant of leather knots. Like a diamond, this iconic piece is small but it will be the main attraction of your look and little else is required to offset its splendor (make of that what you will…!). Just as CRU intended ‘the contrast of smooth leather and silky suede emphasizes the natural beauty of leather and the play of textures between them” CRU. The flash of red leather adds a playful touch while maintaining a sense of timeless elegance.

Spare a thought for us WSd angels who have to attempt to work at HQ while the Ivy backpack (£155) stares down at us from the summit of the WSd shrine. A tough job, but of course someone has to do it. Charlotte’s big sister Ivy also incorporates the colour combination of a bright red signature zip and sumptuous black leather. With a sporty edge and all the traits of a perfect backpack, “the ivy offers the perfect balance between laid-back trendy and feminine sophistication” CRU.

So it turns out Charlotte is one of many sassy relations as according to CRU “ The Calvin Buck Backpack is the not-so-big brother to the Charlotte Bucket bag, sharing its beautifully delicate leather knot feature across the lid”. With the intricacy of workmanship and sleekness of design oozing from every stitch of this beauty, the Calvin (£140) is simplicity as its most supreme.
The Calvin is also available in tan and the sumptuous shade reflects the roots of CRU. Portuguese word ‘Cru’ means ‘raw’ and the authentic leather in deep earthy shades is a subtle reference to the authenticity and craftsmanship behind this brand.
Success has come quickly to CRU yet this brand remains true to the small family business they stumbled across that summer in Portugal. As “a socially responsible brand” CRU supports ethical and sustainable design processes and just like Veja (another firm WSd favourite), they are proving that ‘sustainable’ can still mean luxe.

Throughout their whole collection, CRU proves that less really is more and that beautiful design paired with top quality leather equals a lifelong leather companion.

Rachel x

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