Saturday, 28 January 2017

It's All About That Base

Ok so there’s definitely no denying that it’s really flippin cold. I had to admit defeat last week and buy a winter coat- something I probably should have invested in months ago but I’m feeling rather smug that I snapped mine up in the January sales and I’m pretty sure my investment will prove worthy for at least another couple of months before going away until next winter. Don’t get me wrong I’m not the kind of gal to be beaten by winter woe but with the current sub-zero temperatures hanging around, January has a high chance of turning us blue in a more literal sense! So whether you’re trying to update your current wardrobe without breaking the bank or you’re merely trying to stay warm, it really is all about that base.We all know the basics about layering on our top half but what about the bottom?

Up your layering game and pair your favorite dress with jeans or leggings to reinvigorate your staples. Style a la Sarah who took her go-to vintage dress and made it almost unrecognizable by teaming it with a pair of Vero Moda grey denim skinnies (£29) and the coolest of Veja kicks (£82). The trick to mastering this look is playing with proportions and the queen of style has just done that by adding an On the Rise (£70) sweat into the mix to create a flattering silhouette that works equally as well with heels as it does trainers.

A dress you might ordinarily keep exclusively for nights out can be converted into the perfect day look with the help of clever layering. The MINKPINK hustle dress (£58) has all the credentials of a night on the tiles but its cross over shaping is a magnet for the best of the base. Steal Sarah’s style and let the roll neck prove its worth once again to take this dress into the off-duty department. The addition of cut off skinny jeans adds practicality to that oh so sexy high slit and creates contrast against the more billowy skirt. Hudson Magee brogues (now £62) prove that a glittery dress can be at the centre of an androgynous look.

For a runway worthy look toughen up your denim layering with a pair of fishnets. Sarah chopped and sliced her Vero Moda 7 skinnies to offer a tantalising peep of grunge glam.

A slinky slip dress is probably on every girls  wish list in all its whimsical beauty, yet  the prospect of wearing it in anything other than our daydreams can seem a little daunting. Well, fear not and just slip it over a pair of jeans for a chic tomboy vibe. Try the Vero Moda Heather off-shoulder (£32) dress and skinnies and finish the look off with a pair of cool Veja 3 lock metallic kicks (£100) and a little leather jacket for the ultimate in versatile dressing.

These savvy style tips will not only save you a penny or two but will reignite your wardrobe staples and keep you cosy. Oh and any excuse to delay that leg wax is fine by us!

Happy layering beauties!

Rachel x

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