Saturday, 26 September 2015

Open your eyes to CODE Beautiful

Fear not, this CODE has been cracked and the answer is VLM- Volume Lengthening Mascara. Here at WSd we not only champion fab products but also their dedicated creators. Sarah and Kirsti, the Co-Founders of CODE Beautiful spent two years creating the perfect mascara that does it all- adds length, volume and thickness, curls and separates and lasts all day. This hero product just HAD to be added to the sassy shelves of our one stop shop!

CODE VLM is ideal for us busy gals with a penchant for partying. Its buildable formula makes it perfect for layering, taking lashes from a subtle day time look to sundown drama. Plus, its ‘build-on- build capability’ means that clumping, smudging or flaking won’t rain on your plumped up parade. For those of us with naturally long lashes, this product is great for adding a natural looking curl that won’t follow suit in that 4pm slump! A special sealing agent protects lashes, while conditioning oils and vitamins encourage lash growth- team WSd are hooked! Combine all of this nourishment with a unique application technique and lashes will be lifted for as long as those heels are on! A sweep of CODE VLM will add the finishing touch to any look, day or night.  Follow this link for a step-by-step tutorial to get the best results:

CODE VLM (£19.95)

As if cracking one code wasn’t enough, then CODE Beautiful has also created a pre-mascara lash plumper. Code FFL- FORGET FAKE LASHES- creates instant volume, thickness and length, giving short or sparse lashes a real boost. Anything to avoid the midnight hanging falsie is a winner for us!! Plus it can be used with any other brand of mascara. Sarah <3s FFL, and since using it under her existing mascara so many people have commented on the lift and curl of her ordinarily straight lashes. The light brown colour of this ‘pre-mascara upgrade’ means that the only person who needs to know about your thickening secret is you.  Allow CODE FFL to dry for 30 seconds (a minute is totes fine if you’re perusing DB’s Insta) then apply mascara and build as many layers as your heart desires!
CODE FFL (£18.00)

The gorge packaging makes both VLM and FFL fab pressies- pop one inside a Lola and Gilbert pouch (£13) for the ultimate gift idea and serious bestie brownie points! Or, why not just treat yourself; no one needs an excuse to feel uplifted!

CODE Beautiful is an exciting new brand for WSd and we’ve already added CODE VLM and CODE FFL to our make up bags. We’ve tried and tested both products and they are now firm favorites!  Plus, all of our beautiful models will be rocking CODE VLM mascara at Hitchin Fashion Show on Saturday 10th October.  

Check out the CODE Beautiful YouTube channel for all the magic behind the wand.

Have you tried the CODE Beautiful range? Let us know what you think!

Rachel x

Image Credit: CODE Beautiful

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