Saturday, 9 January 2016

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Happy New Year beauties!

“New Year. New You” -a big statement thrown around as those fireworks rocket and the champers pops. But what’s wrong with the same fabulous you who rocked 2015? And every other year for that matter! Of course life has its highs and lows and when things feel a little bleurgh we strive for opportunities for a clean slate or a fresh start…enter the New Year. Yet at WSd we think a completely “new you” just isn’t required- we love y’all just the way you are. Sometimes things just need a little refreshing rather than replacing…starting with your wardrobe. A fabulous outfit or something as basic as a well fitting pair of jeans has the power to make us feel great and give us that oh so important confidence boost. After all, its not what you wear, its how you wear it and Sarah can show you how.

So here are the deets from the lady herself…

“For those that don’t know, I’m a professional stylist and offer a service to come to your home to talk about everything that should and shouldn’t work for you and your wardrobe.

After a brief chat to ascertain your wardrobe needs, your lifestyle, work wear as well as body shaping and colouring, we move to the wardrobe to literally go through each piece and prove it’s worth and exciting new ways to wear them to create a capsule wardrobe that works everyday.

It’s not about emptying your wardrobe and wagging a finger at your purchases! It’s about understanding what works for you –only you! You’ll be surprised how much can be worn in a new way to match the demands of the fashion world!

Some pieces will be discarded, yes, but honestly, once you have the formula for what works, then shopping is SO much more straightforward! No more dire impulse purchases, just good solid outfits that will be worn over and over again in many different ways, always looking fresh!

Your edited wardrobe should work efficiently and you should be able to wear most, if not all pieces in many different ways, making them staples for years to come.

So if you’re interested in this service, I’m more than happy to discuss any aspect of this further and indeed get booked in!      

It really is a lovely, relaxing and very therapeutic way to spend a few hours, making shopping and deciding what to wear an absolute breeze!”

So if you fancy a wardrobe edit simply call the store or pop in!

If you need a break from the bustle of home or you’re due a night out with the girls then a styling evening at WSd HQ is the answer. What could be better than an evening filled with friends, fizz and clothes?! Whether you're celebrating a birthday or just, well, life then lets get a date in the diary! 

A successful Styling Evening! 

Can shopping get much cosier?

You don’t have to have a wardrobe edit or a styling evening to gain from Sarah’s expertise- if you would like any advice in store then Sarah is on hand. Plus, she’s trained her WSd angels to know a thing or two about what looks great.

Here’s to a year of feeling fabulous!

Rachel x

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