Saturday, 23 January 2016

♥ Valentine's Gift Guide ♥

Those wilting bouquets and boxes of chocolates only last for so long, so we’ve put together a little Valentines gift guide of things that just keep on giving. Send your honey the WSd blog link for that oh so subtle hint or get some inspo for a little gift for your bestie. Whether you’re single or smitten, Valentine’s Day is just a fab opportunity to show some extra love…
As one of the most familiar shapes used as a symbol of love, the heart has to feature in our list. There are so many different theories regarding the origin of the symbol but Fab. by Fabienne have got things spot on with their heart keyholders. We have a gorgeous selection of colours in store (£16-£20).

Bring a smile to date-night prep with a Lola and Gilbert pouch (£13).

Make it obvious with a beautiful Letterbox Lane print. If you can’t find the words then the ‘Loved Beyond Measure’ print will say them for you (£15 unframed, £20 framed). Give them a daily reminder that they’re perfect with this Basil and Ford pear print (£10).

The Sniffy Wiffy bath and massage oil (£7) is a luxurious blend of olive, sweet almond and wheatgerm oil and makes the perfect addition to a romantic night in. Or why not run your loved one a warm bath with a few drops of this gorgeous oil. Add a Parkminster candle(£5-£18) for the complete atmosphere d’amore…Check out our blog post on Sniffy Wiffy.

How romantic is this jasmine scented  Parkminster votive? Presented in a scarlet box, bearing the message 'You Light Up My Life', this candle is the epitome of Valentine's day (£6).

Nothing says Valentines Day quite like a piece of jewellery. Orelia have created a gorgeous gift card and necklace combo (£18) that will give your beauty a little unexpected surprise when they open the envelope. We have a stunning selection of Orelia at WSd, including fine necklaces, bangles, earrings and rings (£8-£28). Each piece can be gift wrapped in store; all ready to present to your loved one.

If you want to give a gift with a more personal twist then reach for an Oswell and Rose hand stamped aluminum bracelet. The motto of this gorgeous brand is ‘wishes and love in creations to wear’ so you know your bracelet has been made with heaps of the stuff. No two bracelets will ever be the same- as unique as the lucky recipient (£8.95-£20).

Who is more deserving of love than your bestie? The Oswell and Rose friendship bracelets in store make fab and thoughtful gifts (£4.95). Each bracelet comes with a sweet little card and wish legend. So whether you’re both wishing for your prince or just plenty more epic adventures together, you’ll both look fab in one of these wonders.

Photo Credit: Oswell and Rose 

Photo Credit: Oswell and Rose 

For the boy look no further than Hornigold Threads for ultra cool sweaters (£38), baseball tees (£25) and beanies  (£15).

Who better to turn to on Valentine’s (and any other occasion for that matter) than Heart Vintage UK, creator of up-cycled vintage tea plates. We have an adorable selection in store with some truly heart melting quotes (£18 with wall hanger).

We have a fab selection of cards in store from a host of talented creators. We just love Emily Coxhead and her gorgeous designs. Don’t mind us while we dig a spoon into a jar of chocolate spread at the sight of one of her latest seasonal creations… (£3)

Photo Credit: Emily Coxhead 

Oh Squirrel has created ultra fun cards with badges attached for every Valentine’s Day vibe. Whether you’re ‘Big Spoon’ Little Spoon’ or just feel like saying ‘Bollocks to Valentine’s Day’… they’ve got you covered! (£3.50)

Photo Credit: Oh Squirrel 

Hand made greeting cards from the amazing I do Love Letters have also arrived in store and they are most definitely pulling at our heartstrings. (£4)

Inspired by the original postcards of the early 1900s, the Timbergram is a unique wooden postcard that can be treasured forever! (£4)

How about a WSd gift voucher or VIP styling session voucher for a super stylish surprise?

Spread the love and drop us a comment- which pieces from our selection are you lusting after?

Happy Valentine’s Day beauties!

Rachel x

Ps. we’re open 11-4 on Valentine’s Day if time hasn’t been on your side…

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