Thursday, 24 November 2016


Remember in Spice Girls: The Movie when Sporty says to Posh, "It must be so hard for you, Victoria. I mean, having to decide whether to wear the little Gucci dress, the little Gucci dress, or… the little Gucci dress!" Well Viccy B got the last laugh when she rose from her Wannabe days into the fashion stratosphere thanks to designs with confident simplicity.

Perfected minimalism is exactly what jewellery brand Black & Sigi is all about and a collection of unique and beautiful pieces has just landed at WSd HQ. Founded by two sisters Clio and Athena Sigismondi, Black and Sigi brings us contemporary handmade jewellery ‘that will make you stand out from the crowd, always’. The collection currently sitting pretty in store showcases the signature ‘wrapped technique’ that has become synonymous with this stylish brand, as well as simply stunning semi precious stones and crystals.
The Melia range combines Sterling silver wire with BAS wrapping- a concept established by the sister duo of ‘breathing new life into your otherwise lifeless jewels’.  The Melia bangle mixes textures and metals to create a statement design that’s simultaneously delicate, while the combination of straight lines and flowing curves sets this beauty apart from a traditional bangle style. The Melia ring, earrings and necklace complete the ‘Immortal Collection’, with each piece proving that minimal can make the biggest statement.

The aptly named Aphrodite bangle will most certainly bring love and beauty to any look. The design is simple yet complex with the wire intricately intertwining throughout the design to reach the definitive knot feature. The tapering style gives added movement and interest and makes bangle stacking with this beauty an aesthetic dream. 

Team with the Stardust bangle to create a unique stack full of wonder at every motion of the wrist. As its name suggests the Stardust design is inspired by the formation of the cosmos and with the addition of three distinctively shaped smoky quartz nuggets conjures up the notion of ancient treasured talismans. 

In keeping with the immensity of the underworld and Solar system, the Stardust ring features a Hermatite bead wrapped with a precious metal starburst bead and a delicate plated chain detail. Simply mesmerising.

The elegant and contemporary Aphrodite shaping has also been established within a ring and pendant design, verifying that the goddess of love can bestow desire and pleasure in many forms…

Black and Sigi state that their ethos is ‘simple’…their intention is to ‘create unique and beautiful pieces that will withstand the test of time’. Precious metals, stones and crystals are timeless, yet it’s the originality of this handmade brand that ensures Black and Sigi will be as enduring as the simply wonderful little black dress..

Rachel x

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